Sure, you can do a few fidget spinner tricks but how talented is your dog?  While watching pro fidgeter David King do fidget spinner tricks from his new book Fun with Fidget Spinners 50 Super Cool Tricks and Activities on YouTube, I discovered dogs can do fidget spinner tricks too. Some dogs are good. Others are AWESOME.  Here are my three favorite videos of dogs doing fidget spinner tricks. Enjoy!

First Place: Murphy

Maybe I’m partial to golden retrievers, but isn’t Murphy one of the cutest dogs you’ve ever seen? And look at how he tries to please his owner by sitting very very still with a fidget spinner on his nose. Good boy Murphy! It’s true, Murphy can’t do all the tricks a human can do, which is why we created Fun with Fidget Spinners, 50 Super Cool Tricks and Activities – a highly recommended fidget spinner tricks guidebook for humans. Kudos to Michael Anderson for creating this awesome fidget spinner dog tricks video and sharing it with the world.

Second Place: Axle

Wow! Look at Axle go! He makes fidget spinner dog tricks look easy! Three spinners at a time is monumental. Better yet, Axle is wearing safety goggles to protect his eyes from jumpy spins. Axle’s owner must have spent a lot of time practicing the commands “sit,” “stay,” and “leave it” with him.

Third Place: Wally

I just want to watch this over and over again because Wally has the cutest smile! Great fidget spinner dog trick Wally! Spin on!

Are you ready to expand your fidget spinning horizons? Then we have the perfect book for humans who want to learn new tricks – Fun with Fidget Spinners 50 Super Cool Tricks and Activities. Our book currently has a 4 star review rating because it not only explains beginner through advanced tricks, it also teaches you how to speed up your spinner, clean it, and upgrade it.

Do you have a favorite fidget spinner dog tricks video? If so, share it with us in the comments section below.

P.S. Fidget spinner tricks are not for puppies who like to eat everything that lands on the floor.

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