Fidget spinner tricks aren’t just for kids – they’re for babysitters, friends, parents, grandparents and even the family dog. Why? Because everyone loves to learn something new.  If you love fidget spinner tricks, check out our new book Fun with Fidget Spinners, 50 Super Cool Tricks and Activities for HOURS and hours of fun.  Here are three free fidget spinner tricks everyone should try.

Trick #1 – The Basic Thumb Spin
Level: Easy

The Basic Thumb Spin is so easy to do, your Grandparents can do it. Hold the spinner with thumb and index finger (your pointer finger) and give it a spin with your other hand. Remove index finger and voila – The Basic Thumb Spin. Your Grandparents should master this trick immediately and when they do, give them a round of applause and tell them how great they are!

Trick #2 – Spinning on a Hat
Level: Easy to Intermediate

Spinning on a Hat is a great trick to teach your parents. Place a baseball cap on a table and hold the spinner on the brim or bill of the hat with an index finger and give it a spin. Then carefully, oh so carefully, lift the hat and place it on your head. Parents will have to hold very still to get this right. If your parents can do this, tell them how amazing they are and challenge them to do it again while walking around with the spinner spinning on the brim. If they drop their spinners, tell them to keep practicing! If they master this trick, see who is able to keep his/her spinner spinning the longest – while walking. The person whose fidget spinner spins the longest wins a prize. Or, the person who drops his/her spinner first must clean up the dishes!

Trick #3 – The High Toss
Level: Intermediate to Hard

Now it’s your turn to shine. Everyone walk outside away from light fixtures and other breakable objects. Spin your spinner in one hand, balance it on your finger, then toss it high above your head and catch it spinning in your other hand. This time it’s your family’s turn to applaud you. Challenge them to give The High Toss a try and encourage them along the way. (For another cool intermediate trick, check out Round the Twist.)

Want to learn 50 more awesome fidget spinner tricks and activities you can share with your family? Then pick up our handy dandy guide book chock full of fidget spinner fun today. Filled with creative tricks, activities, and challenges, our fun book takes fidget spinning to a new level.


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